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IN THE SURROUNDINGS Excursions and guided tours

LOCAL EXPERIENCES The landscape of Etna, just a few steps away

Guided visits to the Pietradolce winery, relaxing tours in the nursery and in the Radicepura Botanical Park, adventure tours of Etna amidst fumaroles and lava stones will add charm and revelations to your stay at our resort.

TAORMINA BY BOAT Under full sail

You get on board with the skipper to set sail from the Bay of Mazzarò. Wind at your back, you sail to discover the Bay of Taormina, the Blue Grotto, the Bay of the Sirens, the Grotto of Saint Andrew and Isola Bella.

TAORMINA Nightlife, art and history

Not far from Donna Carmela, on a natural terrace at 2000 meters above sea level, Taormina attracts tourists from all over the world for its chic nightlife and its splendid coastline.

A privileged destination for summer holidays chosen since the 19th century by nobles, artists and writers, this medieval hamlet boasts ancient origins and contemporary worldliness. The nightlife of the centre, the beauty of the Baroque Cathedral, the scenic view from the Greek theatre built on the promontory guarantee a day full of knowledge and emotions.

AT SEA Exclusive boat tours

A 9-metre-long boat equipped with a toilet with shower, a kitchen and a sundeck is available if you want to discover the sea of Taormina and Isola Bella, but also if you want to go as far as the Bay of Giardini Naxos, Mazzarò, Bay of the Sirens.

NOTO The capital of Sicilian Baroque

Nestled in a valley of citrus, almond and olive trees, Noto has been named the capital of Sicilian Baroque - a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2022.
The hamlet, south of Syracuse, was rebuilt after the 1693 earthquake by the best artisans of the time. Centuries later, its architecture still amazes, especially that of the Cathedral which, with its façade and monumental four-flight staircase, in itself is worth a visit to the town.

For an immersive experience, the resort's concierge team offers customisable tours accompanied by a tour guide.

SIRACUSA A Greek city in Sicily

Syracuse, cradle of ancient Magna Graecia, preserves traces of its illustrious past in every corner. From the Arethusa spring to the Greek theatre, from Ortigia to the Temple of Apollo, from the archaeological park to the Ear of Dionysus, up to the stupendous cathedral, it is a continuous succession of extraordinary discoveries.

A visit to this town (a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2005 with its rock necropolises) is an absolute must-do: Donna Carmela's concierge is available to organise a tailor-made excursion.

ALCANTARA GORGE Wild nature, volcanic origins

A stop to visit the Alcantara or Larderia Gorges is almost obligatory for those who love excursions into wild nature. A result of ancient volcanic eruptions, these gorges have canyons that reach 400 meters in length, with rock walls up to 25 meters high.
An age-old landscape to be experienced in various ways: by choosing rafting, opting for hiking or choosing a quad or mountain bike tour.

The Donna Carmela resort offers a tailor-made tour with an expert guide.

PIAZZA ARMERINA The town of Roman Mosaics

This is one of the baroque treasures of the Sicilian hinterland, thanks to the extraordinary mosaics of the Villa Romana del Casale, a UNESCO heritage site. Amidst the medieval alleys and baroque buildings, you stroll along to discover the sandstone cathedral and its 76-metre-high dome, the Fontana dei Canali, the Aragonese castle.

A tour guide is available upon request to accompany guests during their visit.

RAGUSA Italy’s southernmost Baroque teasure

Ragusa is a precious baroque treasure, set amidst the Hyblaean Mountains, a UNESCO heritage site since 2002. The heart of the visit is Ragusa Ibla, the historic centre of the town: a labyrinth of streets, stairways and hovels, famous for its baroque Duomo, the imposing cathedral and for the Hyblaean Garden, which overlooks the town and the surrounding mountains.

Trekking lovers can enjoy the numerous natural landscapes by walking or cycling. History and art enthusiasts can visit the historic buildings, the Hyblaean Archaeological Museum, the Caucana Archaeological Park or the Regional Archaeological Museum in Camarina which, along with the site of the same name, represents one of the most important archaeological areas in Sicily.

Donna Carmela's concierge team offers tailor-made guided tours also geared to the time of year.

ACIREALE The hamlet of 100 bell towers

The historic centre of this hamlet dominates the Ionian coast from the Timpa, a plateau of lava origin overlooking the sea. A unique location, where the visitor will discover the countless churches and basilicas which, with their bell towers, have given this town its nickname.
Acireale is also known for its carnival, with a popular, well-attended celebration characterised by the parade of allegorical floats.

The Donna Carmela eco-resort, upon request, organises tailor-made guided tours.

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