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CARMELA A woman's name, a family's philosophy

Donna Carmela is the name that pays homage to Carmela Torrisi Faro, the hostess. A woman who, in every detail, expresses the fundamental values of the Faro family: the love of beauty, the passion for nature, the obsessive care given to hospitality. With her, in 2009 a nineteenth-century residence was transformed into today's resort: 18 suites and 8 lodges nestled in a garden of Eden, expertly furnished in a way that manages to enhance the comfort of every detail.

Sicilian hospitality thus brought to life with flair, elegance and a sense of cosiness, making everyone feel right at home.

Carmela Torrisi Faro

Carmela Torrisi Faro's entrepreneurial career and her commitment to the enhancement of Sicilian culture have won numerous awards, including: "Donna Fidapa, Italian Federation of Women, Arts, Professions, Business" award - 2015 for having spread an image throughout the world of typically Sicilian beauty; “A Woman's Love” award - 2018; mention in the book “Fimmina – Photographs by Puccio Scaffidi” - 2019.


THE FARO FAMILY A love of Sicily, international enterpreneurship

For over 50 years, the Faro family have been pioneers in enhancing the Sicilian territory and nature. The Faro Group today has several businesses besides Donna Carmela, including the historic Piante Faro nursery, among the largest on the Mediterranean Sea; the Radicepura Art and Botanical park with the foundation; and the Pietradolce winery.
It all started with Cavaliere Venerando Faro who, together with his wife Carmela Torrisi and their sons Mario and Michele, built enterprises that are now internationally recognised. In every one of their activities, the protection of the Mediterranean horticultural heritage always comes first.

Many Choices in One

Since 1995, all the companies in the Faro group have been committed to the recovery and recycling of organic waste materials in order to reduce waste. In 1998, the first electric cars were introduced. Since the year 2000, it has been possible to reduce water consumption by 60%. Since 2003, photovoltaic systems have been installed to become more and more self-sufficient regarding energy, energy that is clean and capable of reducing CO2 emissions.

PIANTE FARO The Largest Mediterranean Plant Nursery in Europe

600 hectares where over 5000 varieties of Mediterranean and sub-tropical plants are cultivated, including specimens of rare and ancient mother plants. An entirely Sicilian record that made the company well-known and gave it the possibility of exporting its products to more than 60 countries.

PIETRADOLCE The Faro Winery on Etna

This is the company-owned winery located on the north side of the volcano. Founded in 2006, it produces award-winning labels and cultivates vines using organic and eco-sustainable methods.

RADICEPURA Botanical Park, a Paradise of Biodiversity

A 5-hectare garden that is home to more than 5,000 varieties of plants, where art and landscape become one. A combination of rare beauty, in a context that since 2017 has hosted the Radicepura Garden Festival, an opportunity for landscape designers from all over the world to discuss the issues of biodiversity and respect for nature.

The Radicepura project also includes the Foundation of the same name which promotes the protection of Mediterranean and subtropical biodiversity. In this perspective, the Seed Bank of rare and ancient mother plants was also created.