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ETNA & SURROUNDINGS Art, tradition and nature

but also a land shaped by eruptions and turmoil, capable of generating strong emotions.
Etna, the cities, the seaside resorts, the gorges, and the vineyards: the area around our resort is full of things to discover, all unbelievable and within reach of everyone.

DISCOVERING THE VOLCANO Explorations, even by quad, bike or helicopter

A mysterious landscape, with bright colours, almost extra-terrestrial. On the volcano and in the surrounding area, the eruptions have shaped the territory with unique and unmistakable features, each one to be discovered.
You can choose from among numerous methods of exploration: trekking, quad excursions, helicopter tours, walks through the vineyards. And there’s also a tasting at the Pietradolce winery, an icon of Etna's wine heritage.

TASTING AT THE WINERY The Etna terroir in Pietradolce wines

The Pietradolce winery, a few kilometres from the resort, is an example of local excellence with its award-winning labels and its eco-sustainable cultivation methods.
Here, during the tasting guided by a sommelier, the visitor has the opportunity to discover all the peculiarities of each wine, while enjoying an incredibly fascinating landscape.

RADICEPURA The Art and Botanical Park

A few minutes from the resort, the Radicepura Botanical Park welcomes our guests with its art installations, its 5 hectares and over 3,000 species of plants.
Inside the park, there is a collection of botanical species from all over the world: a treasure trove of biodiversity that coexists with nineteenth-century buildings, a hyper-modern greenhouse, meadows, millstones and bodies of water. An unprecedented and inimitable trail of exploration.

THE VIVAIO (plant nursery) An icon of Mediterranean floriculture

Every story has its origins and those of Donna Carmela are rooted here, in a green Eden, in Giarre. The first seeds were planted in 1970; today there are 600 hectares where more than 5000 varieties of Mediterranean and sub-tropical flowers, trees and plants are grown, 80 tree species and 30 different types of ornamental or industrial citrus fruits.

This local activity, which has gained international fame over time, is guided by respect for the Mediterranean natural heritage and the protection of its biodiversity.
The discovery of this place arouses strong emotions in visitors, emotions that are also due to the presence of rare, monumental and ancient specimens.

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