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«The green island Trinacria, where the flock of the sun grazes».
(Homer, “Odyssey” XI canto,800-700 BC)

The nature of our island is ready to welcome new guests, to live it fully make sure you enjoy the many experiences we offer. A path on Mount Etna on board a quad is ideal for exploring the landscape shaped by volcanic eruptions, where nature is reborn from its ashes. Sailing aboard a sailboat will give you the scent of the sea breeze, and the panorama of the stacks of Acitrezza, of the Aeolian coasts, of the majesty of the Greek theatre of Taormina will make you vibrate your heart and feel the desire to return even before leaving.

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Discovering Pietradolce Wines

In Solicchiata, a small village just a few kilometres from the hilly town of Castiglione di Sicilia, on the Northern slope of the Mount Etna, rises Pietradolce. The estate covers 18 hectares located in different plots within the Contrade Rampante, Zottorinoto and Santo Spirito, at an altitude between 700 and 950 m a.s.l. The soils are a rather stony, light, sandy loam, with plentiful mineral elements of volcanic origin, which give born to wines with unique characteristics.
Our wine tours include the guided visit of the pre - phylloxera vineyards, of the cellar and of the barrel room where the wines age. During the visit we love to tell our guests the company philosophy, the story and finally make them have a taste of our wines.

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Radicepura Garden Festival

Radicepura Garden Festival is the first international event dedicated to garden design and landscape architecture of the Mediterranean that involves great protagonists of landscape, art and architecture, young designers, scholars, institutions, companies and companies. It is an experience immersed in nature, where thanks to the botanical installations and artistic elements it is possible to make a sensorial journey through the scents and colours of the five thousand varieties of plants coming from Sicily and from all over the world.

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