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Autumn routes: DonnaCarmela and the Etna wines

Because the secret of a “well done” wine is in the people you share the table with.

Certainly, talking about autumn, grape harvesting, smokey chimneys and soft blankets is a little weird because in Sicily we are still blessed with a warm weather which keeps away the wintry feeling.

Nonetheless, October has knocked at our doors with its fecund, natural presents, whose richest ones are unquestionably wines.

Let’s go back to the scratch: we should start from the difference between table grape and wine grape. The former is larger, with thicker pulp and thinner skin. It is ideal to eat and have less sugar than a wine grape. The latter, instead, is smaller, riddled with seeds, have thicker skins and higher juice content and is ideal for wine making, as the name suggests.

The grapes harvesting is a complex operation because there are so many unpredictable variables that is hard to foresee the outcome of the year. This year, for example, is expected a downward trend by 30% and Coldiretti states: “The grape harvesting, of 2017, due to heat and drought, is ranked as the earliest in the last decade.” Despite this, harvesting resulted in a general satisfaction and the events to celebrate the nouveau wine are many. Some of the most famous are: the “Wine Trains” and the wine and food tours throughout the territory from North to South, from East to the West. The are plenty occasions to delight your palate with the flavors of 2017, really!

DonnaCarmela is particularly fond of the youngest component of Gruppo Faro’s companies, Pietradolce Winery, born in 2005 in Castiglione di Sicilia, on the northern slopes of Etna. The fertile soil, thanks to the natural generosity of the volcano, gives excellent wines like Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio and Carricante.

The secret ingredient lies in passion, in hard work, in daily dedication and respect for nature and territory. The mission is to draw the best from tradition without forgetting the new technologies used in the respect of the surrounding environment.

Here is how the best wines of Etna were born.

Come and taste the good Sicilian wine surrounded by the beauty of our place. We are waiting for you!

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