Our Story

DonnaCarmela tells a story of beauty and charme held in an elegantly restored, ancient mansion. It offers the peculiar values of Sicilian hospitality by providing high standard quality services, fine furniture, modern art details and precious materials. Everything is conceived and designed to make your stay unforgettable: the courtyards in lava stones and river pebbles pavers, the ancient well, the well-stocked wine cellar, the swimming pool surrounded by secular olive trees.

The Natural Lodge Experience

Luxury stands on the threshold of Nature. Conceived to harmonize the empty space between the Nursery and the resort, the lodges give the impression to be part of nature themselves. Come revel in beauty of Sicily


Swimming Pool

A crystal body of water located in the middle of the park is a perfect oasis of peacefulness. With a view on the greenery, the pool is next to the bar where to sip cool drinks and taste delicious fresh fruit, appetizers before and after a restoring swim.

Fitness Area


Start well the day with some workout for your wellness


Welcome the new day with a relaxing, ultimate sunrise yoga session


Sleep well and keep relaxed with some stretching exercises in the open air


We are gearing up to pamper your spirit with an exclusive wellness center where the only thing required to you is being spoilt by us