DonnaCarmela for La luce di Aurora – Charity Dinner

Oct 05, 2017

“In the midst of all that pain, I remembered the light that Aurora used to spread around her, her desire to relate to others, the colors, the smile.

I could not stop. I had to make Aurora’s death useful to other children: so the idea was to call colleagues and wine producers to talk about food and important issues. “

These are the words of Chef Marco Baglieri, owner of the restaurant Il Crocifisso di Noto, in Sicily, who decided to transform the emptiness due to his daughter’s death, who disappeared in 2015 after a leukemia, on a sharing occasion.

“La Luce di Aurora” is a charity evening that involves the experience and soul of celebrities in the world of food & wine: a great party that is to its 2nd edition, not to forget.

Philanthropy has always been a prerogative of DonnaCarmela and of the whole staff who chooses for the second year to attend the event with Chef Andrea Macca and invites you to the evening that will be held on 8th October in Floridia.

This is not the first encounter between DonnaCarmela and charity. Another initiative we fondly took part in  was for cystic fibrosis patients promoted by Fundraising Dinner, hosted by Radicepura Park link last October 4th. 35 Italian chefs cooked at the slogan “Eat well, eat to do well.”

“La Luce di Aurora” is much more than a dinner. This is a concrete attempt to support “Dynamo Camp”, (link) an onlus committed to social affairs and who has been taking care of children suffering from serious illnesses for years.

The Association pursues exclusively social solidarity goals and operates, without any profit, in the social and health care sector. The mission is to offer children a little bit of care and to reach the only real goal supposed to belong to younger ones: happiness!

It also contributes to developing trust in their abilities and potential through programs for the whole family. Since 2012 there have been developing specific sessions to healthy brothers and sisters because the disease does not affect only the sick child, but the whole family.

We are excited, full of joy and eager to make amazing dishes at the Memorial because

“La Luce di Aurora” brings hope and smiles. To everyone.

See you in Floridia on Sunday, October 8th!

To read more and discover all the details you can click on the event site. link
DonnaCarmela and all the chefs are waiting for you.